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Soilless & Leca Fertilizer

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Looking for a quick release fertilizer for your Leca and Hydroponic plants? - Then Earth Medicine USA Soilless and Leca Organic Microbial Fertilizer is a perfect solution. 

Our plants need nutrients and biology in order to survive and thrive! When you add our Soilless and Leca Fertilizer to the water they are growing in, you create a microbial tea tincture! The roots then draw from this nutrient rich water to feed the plant! 

Did you know that when you use synthetic liquid fertilizers, the plant can only absorb  between 30-40%! The remaining 60-70% of product goes to waste!! - This is because synthetic fertilizers don't contain microbial life which are the carries of the NPK nutrients. 

With Earth Medicine Soilless and Leca Fertilizer, you are feeding your plants a microbial tea tincture that contain microbes and NPK, allowing the plant to efficiently utilize the nutrients - which is why a little goes a long way! 




Dairy manure.

Which is then sustainably composted into aerobic compost. From there we transformed this compost into our granular organic fertilizer through our unique manufacturing process.

We are OMRI Certified for organic use.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped from our Idaho distribution center. We typically fulfill orders within 4-5 days.


The Soilless and Leca contains 1/2lb of product and is great for people who have under 10 house plants grow in leca.

Care Instructions

Store your Soilless and Leca Fertilizer at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

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Alexis Roy
Love it!

This works great for all my leca plants! Since using it my plants have had a lot of growth and look amazing. A little goes a long way!

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