Earth Medicine Home Gardens

As a Garden Fertilizer for the typical gardener planting in the ground or in raised garden beds:

Mix Earth Medicine directly into vegetable rows while planting your seeds or add just few granular pebbles to your seedlings.

If you are planting in a raised 4x6 garden bed: Add 1/2 cup of product to amend the soil before planting your seeds and seedlings.

A little goes a long way! You don't want to add to much products or you will run the risk of over energizing the delicate root structure.

Once your garden begins to sprout, add a second dose of product buy sprinkling the seedlings before watering.

For optimal results, continue to add small frequent doses of Earth Medicine every 4 weeks to help with root growth and vegetable yield.

Earth Medicine is a perfect top dressing product for your raised garden beds! By adding beneficial microbes to your soil, you will be:

  • Increasing seed germination
  • Protecting the plants from disease
  • Increase your produce yeild
  • Have better water retention
  • Grow stronger larger roots
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How to use Earth Medicine in your Garden!

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