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5lb Bagger

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The 5lb Bagger is a great size for outdoor gardens and lawn care maintenance.

If you have a garden, potted house plants, shrubs, perennial and annual flowers, or need to treat the dead patches on your lawn, then you need the 5lb Bagger.

A little goes a long way! A 5lb bag lasts the average gardener an entire season, from Spring till Fall. If you are using it for spot treatment around the yard, then 5lb can cover up to a 5 acer yard. 


Dairy manure.

Which is then sustainably composted into aerobic compost. From there we transformed this compost into our granular organic fertilizer through our unique manufacturing process.

We are OMRI Certified for organic use.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped from our Idaho distribution center. We typically fulfill orders within 4-5 days.


The 5lb Bagger contains 5lbs of product and is great for people who enjoy growing vegetable gardens, flowers or who need to take care of their lawns.

Care Instructions

The 5lb bagger should be stored at room temperature and not be left out in the sun. Each bag comes with an ventilation valve and can be stored during the winter months if you do not use all of your product in the summer months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazing product!

I have been using this product for over a year now and have nothing but great things to say. I use it for all my plants. Houseplants, ariods, veggies , flowers and they all do great. Still buying it!

Terri L Wickham
Lawn looks amazing

Love these little bugs makes my lawn look amazing

Sandreia Breeden
enjoying this product

love that it's organic & created to feed the soil. bought my 2nd 5lb bag to use for my houseplants and garden, and it does it's job. several house plants that haven't grown new leaves in a while had new growth just a few weeks after applying. I also appreciate that I don't have to worry about burning my plants by overfertilizing

Perfect gift for plant lovers and gardeners

This order of the 5lb baggers was for Christmas gifts. We celebrated last night and the receivers were very excited to start feeding their plants.

Exceptional is Earth Medicine

Exceptional to add to my indoor garden adventures. Ease of use and this being added to my living organic soils and all the plant needs, it’s a perfect combination of harmony.

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