Earth Medicine Lawn Care Maintenance

As a Lawn Fertilizer Earth Medicine works amazing to rebalance your soil, especially if you are experiencing dead spots due to pet urine!

Use Earth Medicine as part of your lawn care routine or if you have dead / dry patches throughout your yard.

How to use:

Apply the product by either hand broadcasting over the lawn or by applying it using a fertilizer / seed spreader, focusing on any dead or brown spots.

Apply Earth Medicine either at dusk or early in the morning before the sun is hot.

The product is Living. You want to ensure that its not left out in the sun as it can kill the beneficial microbes.

After application:

Water your lawn thoroughly. The water will breakdown the protective coating and help to wake up and release the beneficial microbial life into the soil.

Application rate:

We recommend 8- 11 lbs per 1000 square foot.

Earth Medicine is safe for house pets to be around and is non-toxic to humans. Don't worry about over doing it.

Some other things to note:

- You can apply the product directly with grass seed in 20/80 mix. 20% Earth Medicine with 80% Grass seed.

- Working up the soil on the dead patches before applying the product will help in achieving better results.

- Aerating the lawn before applying the product does wonders but isn’t necessary.

- Applying the product before or after you’ve laid down new sod helps with root stimulation and grass growth.

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Earth Medicine Lawn Care

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