Houseplants need microbes!!

Most of the potting soils your houseplants come in has been sterilized. They also don't have access to fresh microbes and they have a very finite amount of nutrients available to them. Once those microbes and nutrients have been used up, you are left with dead hydrophobic soil.

How do we fix this?

Supplement your soils microbes by giving all your houseplant Earth Medicine living microbes every 4-6 weeks. This will keep your soil fed and healthy and your plants happy and pushing out new growth all year long.

How to use

Mix Earth Medicine into the top inch of your soil every 4-6 weeks, watering directly afterwards.

Small plant: 1 tablespoon

Medium plant: 2 tablespoons

Large plant: 2-4 tablespoons

Earth Medicine is easy & safe to use all year round on all house plants!

Your plant is drawing nutrients from the soil all year long. Even in the dormant season, your plant needs a healthy soil to live in. By adding a small sprinkle of Earth Medicine every 4-6 weeks, you are ensuring the soil is fed and your plant remains happy! microbes ever 4-6 weeks.

(we highly recommend this for flowers!)

There's no complicated measuring, no smell, no liquids to dilute. Just simple animal and child friendly products that really improve your soil and garden produce!

Choose the perfect size for you!

How to use & where to use Earth Medicine