How Earth Medicine USA was created

Earth Medicine is USA Made and OMRI certified for organic use.

Our product is manufactured and packaged in Burley ID. We started in the organic fertilizer business by developing a high-quality aerobic compost made from dairy manure and provided soil amendment and custom Green Chop services to the surrounding farming area.

After 15 years worth of research and service, we discovered that there was also a need for high-quality organic fertilizers within the plant and garden industries.

Traditional compost is heavy and is expensive to ship far distances. Most of the products on the market are sterol and full of unnecessary bulk ingredients like wood chips or sand. We wanted to create a product that removed all the bulk and left only the good stuff. - the beneficial microbes, so Earth Medicine was created.

We created an Earth Medicine chamber, which is how we turn our high-quality aerobic compost into the condensed pellets known as Earth Medicine. We ensure each batch is abundant in microbial life by viewing samples under the microscope to ensure the quality and consistency of the product.

We feel that Mother Nature got it right in her perfect natural design of soil decomposition, and it is our goal to just mimic her as closely as we can so that we can provide our customers with a natural product that works.

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