How Earth Medicine USA was created

How Earth Medicine USA is created

The Earth Medicine Chamber

Earth Medicine USA is a organic microbial fertilizer that is manufactured in Burley Idaho.

We are made from one single ingredient - Dairy Manure. 🐄

We source our manure from local dairies in the surrounding area following the guidelines of the USDA Organic Regulations for animal manure which states "Manures from conventional systems are allowed in organic production, including manure from livestock grown in confinement and from those that have been fed genetically engineered feeds.

How is this possible? It's because the process of composting transforms the toxic raw manure into a nutrient rich, biologically active compost through aerobic composting. From there, we then transform the product a step further by processing the aerobic compost into grandual microbial pellets. Any traces of chemicals, gmo feed or toxins have been decomposed and are no longer present in the end product.

If you’re familiar with the area, you know that there are an abundance of dairies in the area that create a lot of waste each year. We saw a need to sustainably recycle this waste but also wanted to create a good product that could help feed the soils in the surrounding area, which is how we got into the composting business 15 years ago.

After making high quality aerobic compost, studying the soil food web and understanding the importance of microbial life, we wanted to create a way that allows us to get our product out to more people with our running into the issue of shipping large totes of compost… so our Earth Medicine Chamber was built.

Our Earth Medicine chamber allows us to condense and pelletize the aerobic compost so that we are left with a shelf stable microbial pellet that is easy to use and very much alive!

If you are interested in learning more about the manifacturing aspect, send us a message!