If you are growing vegetable, tending to your flower beds or needing help with your lawn. Earth Medicine can be applied to all of your landscape projects.

Feed your soil

It all begins with your soil. This is the foundation of your plants eco system. And in more cases, our soil needs amending every year. Our recommendation is to sprinkle Earth Medicine at the base of your plants, shrubs and trees every Spring and Fall.

A healthy garden is an easy garden

When you add living microbes to your raised garden bed soils and potted flowers, you are ensuring that your soils and plants stay fed all season long. Getting you the BEST results and the most abundant harvest.

Planting a new garden?

Raised garden beds need microbes to be added to their soil regularly because they are not connected to the Earth. When you use just a sprinkle of our products each season, you're feeding you soils exactly what they need.

Microbes simulate root growth

Did you know that Microbes actually deliver nutrients to the root structure of the plant? They are essential in feeding the soil and the plant.

Enjoy an abundant garden this year with well-fed soil!

Use Earth Medicine Microbes as a top dress slow release fertilizer when planting your garden this year.

How to use

Our products are SO easy to use and they delivery BIG results. When you plant your garden and flowers this season, simply take a sprinkler of Earth Medicine product and spread it over the top inch of your soil. Work in gently before planting your seeds, flowers or seedlings. Once your plants start to grow, you can add a new application of Earth Medicine microbes ever 4-6 weeks.

(we highly recommend this for flowers!)

There's no complicated measuring, no smell, no liquids to dilute. Just simple animal and child friendly products that really improve your soil and garden produce!

Choose the perfect size for you!

How to use & where to use Earth Medicine