Plant care with a purpose

Earth Medicine is a small locally owned and operated company that had two goals in mind.

1. Reduce waste in the local area that is being produced from the expanding dairy industry.

2. Make natural beneficial microbes easily available to not just gardeners but houseplant owners.

It all started with this guy!

The creator of the product, Dan Prefontaine, who spent years developing and perfecting the quality of the Earth Medicine microbial pellet. It took over 15 years worth of research, trial and error and testing to create the shelf stable microbial fertilizer we know as Earth Medicine today.

Not all compost is created equal

Our aerobic compost is what sets us apart from the competitor. We have perfected the process of creating high quality aerobic compost that is processed in our custom built EM Chamber that Dan invented himself.

We Are Not Your Typical Fertilizer

Earth Medicine Microbial Fertilizer is adding living beneficial microbes into your houseplant and garden soils. These microbes allow the plants to access the nutrients within their soil naturally.

High quality products that make your plants feel and look great

Our goal is to bring an elevated product to the home & garden industry. We believe in providing quality products that are safe for pets or children to be around. When you use our products, you can count on seeing results while also knowing you are supporting a small business who cares about their customers and the planets soil.

What is a Microbial fertilizer?

A microbial fertilizer is a product that feed the soil living microbes and feeds the plant nutrients in a slow release form of NPK.

Microbes are essential for growing anything in soil, but most of our potting soils and houseplants are missing them.


Because potting soils have been sterilized and microbes die over time and are never replenished.

Using Earth Medicine Organic Microbial Fertilizer feeds your plants and soils everything they need!

Add a fresh dose of microbes every 4-6 weeks!

Not just for houseplants

Our organic fertilizer is great for outdoor gardening, planting flowers or growing grass. If you are planting something this year in the yard, you will want to add living microbes to your soil.

Struggling with dead patches on your lawn from pets? Our living microbes will help to clear those spots right up!

5 LB bag is the best bang for your buck forsure. I use this 1/mo on all my plants and its been huge in helping with growth. I fill up my growler with the 5LB bag & BAM, good to go!! Im so glad i found Earth Medicine on IG one day, just randomly scrolling. What a find. I also bought the sampler to give some to my friends to try!!! thanks for the amazing products
I've been buying your product for more than a year. Amazing. My plants love it!
I've refered you to more than three people that have bought from you.
And I will continue to!!
Dean Simpson
Ok do yourself and your plants a favor and get this product ! I’ve been using it and let me tell you my house plants have never been happier. I’m going to attach a photo of one month difference and you see for yourself.
Kaia Alline
Amazing - I really like this product
D'roc Palmer
Awesome product- The product was here when I arrived home from a short trip. I had brought all my outside plants in before leaving. They were looking rough when I returned. I used the recommended amount of Earth Medicine with each plant. Two-three days later all my plants have rebounded and are thriving. They are filling in and there’s a lot of new growth. Awesome product.
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Los Angeles, CA