Recycled Organic Fertilizers For The Natural Grower!

Everything you need in one product. Our microbial fertilizer is providing your plants soil with living beneficial microbes and nutrients.

How it works

Earth Medicine Microbial Fertilizer is adding living beneficial microbes into your houseplant and garden soils. These microbes allow the plants to access the nutrients within their soil naturally. This is essential for all gardens, flowers, lawns and houseplants.

5 LB bag is the best bang for your buck forsure. I use this 1/mo on all my plants and its been huge in helping with growth. I fill up my growler with the 5LB bag & BAM, good to go!! Im so glad i found Earth Medicine on IG one day, just randomly scrolling. What a find. I also bought the sampler to give some to my friends to try!!! thanks for the amazing products
I've been buying your product for more than a year. Amazing. My plants love it!
I've refered you to more than three people that have bought from you.
And I will continue to!!
Dean Simpson
Ok do yourself and your plants a favor and get this product ! I’ve been using it and let me tell you my house plants have never been happier. I’m going to attach a photo of one month difference and you see for yourself.
Kaia Alline
Amazing - I really like this product
D'roc Palmer
Awesome product- The product was here when I arrived home from a short trip. I had brought all my outside plants in before leaving. They were looking rough when I returned. I used the recommended amount of Earth Medicine with each plant. Two-three days later all my plants have rebounded and are thriving. They are filling in and there’s a lot of new growth. Awesome product.
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Los Angeles, CA