Safe & Non-toxic

Earth Medicine USA is an organic microbial plant and garden microbial pellet that is safe for pets and children to be around. We are 100% natural, made from a single source ingredient, dairy manure. We want to provide a product that not only works but that reduces waste in a sustainable way. Our microbes will unlock trapped nutrients within your plants soil.

Our manufacturing process is one of a kind!

The dairy industry produces an excessive amount of waste every year. Earth Medicine USA saw that there was a demand to properly recycle this waste and there was also a demand for high quality organic fertilizer that could work for house plants and outdoor gardens.

Fertilizing with dairy manure can be messy, smelly and hauling around those large bags is not user friendly, which is why Earth Medicine was created!

We took all of unnecessary bulk out of a traditional compost and left only the good stuff - the living microbial life which produce a natural level of NKP of 1:1:4

Our product does not smell, its easy to use and our 5lb bag can do up to 5 acres when using it as a spot treatment.

We are making gardening and plant care easy while also healing your potted and garden soils.

Try our product today and see for yourself!

What is Earth Medicine?

  • What you're buying

    Most of the potting soils we purchase are sterilized and void of any living biology. When you use Earth Medicine USA products, you are reintroducing beneficial microbes which unlock nutrients within the soil, improves the soil structure, helps with water retention and will grow more disease resistant plants. Our product is non toxic and certified for Organic use through OMRI.

  • Why Microbes Matter

    Beneficial soil microbes perform fundamental functions, like nutrient cycling and stimulating plant growth. When you add a dose of Earth Medicine USA product you are replenishing the soil with beneficial microbial life. Microbes are needed for growing plants, flowers, gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs.

  • How Earth Medicine USA is Made

    Our product is made from a single source ingredient, dairy manure. Over a 2 year process we develop a high quality aerobic compost that is full of microbial life. From there we formulate a granular organic fertilizer pellet using our custom built Earth Medicine Chamber. These pellets contains shelf stable beneficial microbes and release a NPK rate of 1:1:4. Read more about our process here!