Organic Gardening

Getting into gardening could be the best thing you ever do!

If you are an experienced gardener then you probably already know about the rewarding benefits of creating a beautiful outdoor space.

But maybe you're new to gardening, maybe you don't know where to start but just bought a house and want to get into gardening. Well, we can help by giving some helpful tips on how you can start creating a beautiful space for you to enjoy.

Start small

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your garden. My advice is to start with a clean slate so you know what you are working with. What sort of perennials are already there? What is your soil like? Are there any dead trees or shrubs that can be removed and cleaned up?

Make a plan

Get a gardening notebook and plan out what you would like to grow. Do you want a vegetable garden? Or do you want to focus on having flower beds?

Plant what you will actually eat

If you hate kale, don't plant it! If you are someone who could eat a fresh garden salad every day during the summer, plant a variety of lettuces.

Feed your soil 

This is where Earth Medicine comes into play. We take and take from our soil and never give back. Think about it, we plant vegetables, annual flowers, fruit trees which provide us with beautiful blooms, fresh vegetables, and fruit, but what are we giving back after we've harvested all of these wonderful gifts?? Earth Medicine adds beneficial microbial life into your garden beds so you can feed your soil naturally. Giving back to mother nature.

Benefits of using organic products

- Safe for your pets to be around

- Safe for your children to handle

- Allows you to grow nutritionally dense foods because your vegetables aren't trying to grow in dead soil

- You'll see more blooms in your flowers and more yield in your vegetable gardens

- Your plants and flowers will have better water retention

- You wont accidentally burn your plants

Emotional benefits 

Starting a garden is a wonderful way to connect with your surroundings, ground yourself, and become present. Gardens are an amazing way to relieve stress and move your body. Creating a calm space can make for a calm mind. But I will loop back to my initial point, start small.  Do not create a massive garden with 15 different flower beds if that isn't truly going to bring you joy. Our ego wants to create a picture-perfect "oasis" but connecting with the earth and your surroundings isn't about what your ego wants. It's about appreciating the beauty that is already there and being present with it. If having one flower pot, a small raised vegetable garden that you can harvest lettuce and tomatoes and fresh herbs from brings you joy, then DO that. It doesn't matter if you have the space. Do what brings you joy.

Keep it simple

Earth Medicine is a product that can be used throughout your entire yard, helping you to keep it simple. Do you want a green lawn? Grow massive happy flowers and grow a vegetable garden? Then pick up a 5lb bagger of Earth Medicine to cover your needs. I personally don't care to be weighed down by multiple products with complicated mixing measurements. I like to keep it simple and have one product that I can use in all areas of my garden.

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