Earth Medicine Flowers

Earth Medicine is the perfect fertilizer that you can add to al your potted flowers, hanging baskets and perennial flowers!

For Annual Flowers add 1 tsp per plant at the base of the roots when planting them into the ground.

If you purchase pre-potted flowers mix 1 tsp/plant into the top inch of the soil.

Add a sprinkle of product every 4-6 weeks to the top inch of the soil before watering.

For perennial flowers add a generous amount of Earth Medicine every Spring and Fall.

The older the flower the more Earth Medicine you need to work into the base of your flowers.

We recommend starting with 2 TBSP - 1/4 cup.

After this initial dose of product, continue to add a sprinkle of product every 4-6 weeks before watering.

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How to use Earth Medicine