Earth Medicine Magic

Earth Medicine is like magic in a bottle

We've been told many times that our product is "magic in a bottle"

It's always amazing to see how our product has helped to transform people's yards and help old plants push out new growth!

But our product isn't magic, it's just helping to protect your soil and feed your plants!

In every bottle or bag of Earth Medicine, you are receiving an abundant amount of microbial life that is just waiting to feed your soil and plants.

Microbes perform different jobs, some defend against non-beneficial microbes, which helps your plants to be more disease resistant. And some can help condition and aerate the soil, creating a better drainage system. These are only a few benefits of adding beneficial microbes to your soil.

Earth Medicine is easy

Our product coverages all your basic needs for indoor and outdoor plants. We keep things simple because we know it works, and Mother Nature knows what she's doing. Our product helps to naturally increase your soil's fertility. We aren't trying to overcomplicate things.

Earth Medicine is safe

You can feel good about using our product on your garden vegetables and you won't need to worry about your pets or kids playing out on the lawn after you've fertilized. We are safe to handle and are non-toxic.

Earth Medicine works!

We've received countless reviews and private messages from gardeners and plant owners over the years who love to use our products for all their growing needs!

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Benefits of using Earth Medicine