Why its important to not fertilize your plants in the winter months!

If you own houseplants, you've probably heard that it is not recommended to use fertilizers on your plants during the winter months.

Which is TRUE! But did you know that you can use Earth Medicine USA Organic Microbial Fertilizer products all year round!? 

How is this possible? 🧐.. What makes us different?.. It's simple, Microbes! 

During the winter months, our days become shorter, less sunlight is available and our houseplants naturally go into a dormant mode, which means they need less nutrients and water to stay happy. When we use regular NPK fertilizers, they act as a steroid for the plants, giving them a synthetic boost of nutrients which makes the plant grow bigger...but when the plant isn't in a phase of growing, this can be very harmful to the plant and cause burning. So it is not recommended to use these types of fertilizers. 

But! Even though our plants don't require to be fed in the winter, our soils still do! 

Our Plants and Soils are NOT one in the same!

I think we tend to forget that our plants and soils have different needs! Yes, they have a harmonious relationship, but they sometimes require different things. 

In nature, our soils are being fed all year round through the decomposition of decaying leaves, grass and dead plants. All of these substances break down through microbes into organic matter and feed the soil during the off-season.

With our houseplant soils, we need to manually add beneficial microbes and organic matter by using microbial fertilizers like Earth Medicine USA products. This is why you can and you SHOULD use Earth Medicine all year round. 

Our products will keep your soils healthy and fed, which will keep your plants really healthy and happy! 

It is our belief to mimic mother nature as closely as possible by offering premium products that are easy for you to use in your homes and gardens. 

Happy Growing!



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