Plant Care Is Self Care

House plants are very therapeutic and can bring so much good energy to space. 

House plants add so much joy to a space. If you have an indoor jungle of house plants then you already know! We become attached to our plants and caring for them can bring a very grounding satisfaction to a person's life. Maybe you have a weekly routine, or maybe you check in on them daily. Whatever your style is, Earth Medicine can become a part of your plant care routine.

Your plants are drawing from the soil daily, and typically the soil we plant them in has been sterilized and is void of any beneficial microbial life.

This is where Earth Medicine comes to the rescue! By adding a small sprinkle of product every 4-6 weeks you are replenishing your plants' potted soil with beneficial microorganisms and a small amount of natural NPK 1:1:4

If you are new to owning house plants, here are my 3 essential plant care tips:

Use a moisture meter

This helps prevent you from overwatering or under-watering.

- Get a humidifier

If you live in a dryer climate or experience cold dry winters, your tropical plants will need extra humidity to stay happy.

- Don't be afraid to move your plants

If it's winter, a drafty window might not be the best place for your plants right now. Move them around, change it up and experiment with different areas of the house that receive direct/ indirect sunlight, and see how they respond!

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3 Essential Plant Care Tips